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Independent insurance broker, Sandham Davies & Jones Ltd, has served commercial clients right across the UK for nearly 50 years. Family owned and run, we still embrace our Day One ethos of treating every client, however large or small, as important.

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We advise on both business and personal insurance, years of experience allowing us to

create bespoke solutions from the UK’s leading insurers and specialist providers. Why

not give us a try? We'll help wherever we can and will nearly always save you money.

Our services include arranging...


Life Assurance

Efficacy Insurance

Public Liability insurance

Product Liability Insurance

Employers' Liability Insurance

Commercial Combined Insurance

Shareholder Protection insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Directors & Officers Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance

Contract Works



Sandham Davies & Jones Ltd look after a wide portfolio of commercial clients, creating packages specially tailored to meet their individual needs and budgets.

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Sandham Davies & Jones Ltd has spent 40 years pioneering efficacy, otherwise known as "failure to perform insurance". This is cover designed for the Fire, Security and Electrical Sectors. We also operate a sister site you should go visit.

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For more than a decade Sandham Davies & Jones Ltd has successfully arranged competitively priced, Lloyds backed aviation insurance for Fixed Wing Aircraft, Rotor Wing Aircraft, and Fleets as well as independent Airfield Operators that require their own Hangarkeepers Cover.

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Sandham Davies & Jones Ltd offers "contractually based" Technology Insurance via our new dedicated site.

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Sandham Davies & Jones Ltd can provide PI or Professional Indemnity Insurance for a wide range of industries which includes the Fire, Security, and Electrical Sectors.

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Sandham Davies & Jones Ltd is an independent broker able to assist clients with the arrangement of both Keyman Insurance and Shareholder Protection policies. Call us if you'd like to safeguard the value of your business over the long term.

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